Aug 15

Spend Some Time Outdoors at Nearby Pinkerton Park

Pinkerton Park, just over 3 miles from our apartment community, is a great place to get some exercise, have a picnic with friends or take the kids to play. Residents of Franklin, TN, regard this park as one of their best public outdoor spaces.

Spend Some Time Outdoors at Nearby Pinkerton Park


The 1-mile long paved pedestrian track is ideal if you’re a jogger or walker, and the track is well lit for early evening exercisers. There’s plenty of parking for cars, so it’s a handy place to pop into on your way home from work.

Summer months are the time for picnics, and Pinkerton Park boasts three shady pavilions with 14 picnic tables. If you prefer to barbecue, choose one of the nine picnic areas with grills. Spread yourselves out and bring blankets to throw on the green lawns.

Another highlight are the kids’ playgrounds, which include lots of exciting and interesting equipment. Tinkerbell Playground is adjacent to the car park, and other playground equipment is situated around the picnic pavilions so you can eat and socialize while the children play. Open spaces lend themselves to fun games of Frisbee or soccer.

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Aug 15

See a Great Live Show at The Franklin Theatre Downtown

If you are looking for entertainment in the downtown Franklin, area, stop in and see a great show at the Franklin Theatre. The Franklin Theatre offers a rhetoric historical movie theatre with a concession stand, full bar, dramas and an array of music. For an evening of laughter, crying and dreaming, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy one of the following shows at the Franklin Theatre Downtown.

See an Amazing Live Show at The Franklin Theatre

Source: The Franklin Theatre

  • Movie – Funny Girl – July 21st – Watch as Fanny Brice, a plain faced girl, manages a bad marriage with Nick Arnstein, while rising to stardom in New York.
  • Musical – Coast to Coast Blues Night – August 13th – Listen to great blues songs from across the country both original and classic.
  • Live Theatre – Mary Poppins – August 18th – 23rd – America’s favorite nanny takes the stage with live musical adventures.

You are sure to be entertained with shows you will cherish forever.

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Aug 15

Get These 4 Things Out of Your Closet

Are you looking for simple ways to give your closet a makeover? Opening your closet can be stressful if things are not organized. By removing a few things from your closet, you can go from opening up a stressful looking closet to a relaxing closet. Below are four things to remove out of your closet to get that organized look.

The Brushed Nickel Light Fixtures in Our Apartments Give Each Home a Clean Feel

Source: Viera Cool Springs

  • Get rid of things you are holding on to for sentimental reasons. No matter how much it means to you, if you’re not wearing it, get rid of it.
  • Get rid of things you will never fit. If you have out grown it, it’s time to let it go.
  • Get rid of items that needs to be repaired. If it cost more to repair than it than it does to replace, throw them away.
  • Get rid of things that you use to love but is no longer important to you.

These are just a few tips on things to get out of your closet.

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Aug 15

Visit These Three Franklin Attractions

The rapidly growing city of Franklin, Tennessee has a growing number of attractions. Some of the best attractions simply showcase the city’s history and its beauty.

Enjoy a Spring Picnic at Franklin's Beautiful Green Spaces

Source: City of Franklin, TN – Municipal Government via Facebook

The Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures

Another great way to see Franklin is to go on one of Tennessee’s hot air balloon adventures. A hot air balloon ride such as the Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures will give you a feeling of weightlessness and will allow you to see the whole city.

The Lotz House

The Lotz House is a historical location for the Lotz family, who barely survived the Battle of Franklin. Visitors claim that the historical site provides a lot of information on what the time period was like.

Franklin On Foot

One of the best ways to get to know Franklin is to go on a guided walking tour. The most popular of these tours is Franklin on Foot.

If you feel that this is the perfect city for you to live in, consider stopping by our apartments. We would love to welcome more friends to our apartment community.

Aug 15

The 4 Best Types of Alternative Transportation for Getting Around Franklin

If you thought that getting around town requires you to burn fossil fuels and spend loads of money, think again. In Franklin, there are plenty of options for alternative transportation, such as the following:

Learn More About Franklin with a Tour of Its Historic Homes in June

Source: Historic Franklin

  1. Biking- You can enjoy the pleasant summer weather en route by taking a bike to get where you need to go.
  2. Carpooling- Make your daily commute a social occasion by carpooling with friends and coworkers.
  3. Public transportation- The Franklin Transit Authority offers public transportation services in the area.
  4. Walking- Get some exercise in your commute and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. By walking to work, you can save money on gas and avoid some of the stress of driving in rush hour traffic.
  5. 5. Work from home- Nowadays, many of us have the option of working from home. This can be much more practical, and it helps us avoid the problem of finding transportation to the office.

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Aug 15

Shop for the Best Vintage Furniture at City Farmhouse in Downtown Franklin

Looking for some furniture pieces for your apartment home at Viera Cool Springs? Head to City Farmhouse for some unique furniture that will enhance the interior design of your apartment home in Franklin. 540736acb8a87857

City Farmhouse offers antique and vintage furniture. The store is located on Bridge Street in a historic downtown area. Furniture featured at this Franklin store typically showcases a farmhouse style, but it works well for both rural and urban homes. If you’re interested in stopping by for a look at the furniture, City Farmhouse is open from Monday through Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and on Sundays between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

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Jul 15

The Ceiling Fans in Our Apartments Will Keep Your Cool This Summer

Enjoy the convenience of apartment living in Franklin at our Viera Cool Springs community. At Viera Cool Springs, it’s easy to keep your apartment at a comfortable temperature throughout the summer months thanks to the ceiling fans in our units.

The Brushed Nickel Light Fixtures in Our Apartments Give Each Home a Clean Feel

Source: Viera Cool Springs

Temperatures can rise pretty high in Tennessee during the summer months, and the humidity also can make it difficult to get comfortable. However, in our cleverly designed and efficient apartment units, you know you’ll always be comfortable at home no matter how hot it is outside. Use your ceiling fan this summer to combat the heat and to keep everyone in your household healthy and happy.

Ceiling fans are beneficial in many ways. They lower energy costs for AC bills and they can also add to the aesthetic appeal of a room. If you need to cool down your apartment but don’t like to resort to the AC, your apartment ceiling fan is the perfect solution.

Learn more about the special features of our apartment units in Franklin by following our community blog.

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Jul 15

Find Fun Local Crafts and Goods at The Factory at Franklin

Ample shopping and historical attractions are part of what makes Franklin TN one of the best places to live. The Factory at Franklin combines both of these elements, making it a hot spot for things to do in Franklin. Just a short trip away from your Viera Cool Springs apartment, The Factory has everything you need for a fun day.

Enjoy Your Time at Home With These 5 Fun Activities

Source: Apartment Therapy

The Factory hosts over 30 merchants, bringing you clothing, antiques, home decor and more. Shop handcrafted acoustic guitar, electric guitars and even mandolins at Artisan Guitars. Or check out Essy’s Rug Gallery for that perfect statement piece in your dining room.

With 12 buildings filled with shopping and entertainment, you’ll have plenty to do. You can even take classes in photograph or working with clay, shop for fresh produce at the farmer’s market, or catch a show at the Boiler Room Theatre, the oldest professional theatre in Williamson County.

The Factory is also home to some of Franklin’s finest restaurants, bringing you delicious seafood and home-cooked flavors. Catch a meal before perusing one of The Factory’s 3 art galleries. Head over for a day of food, art, shopping and more.

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Jul 15

Get a Look at Beautiful Art in Franklin at Gallery 202

Art is a crucial element to our understanding of history and culture. Living in apartments in Franklin TN makes appreciating art easy and accessible with several galleries to visit, such as Gallery 202 in downtown Franklin. Located less than 10 minutes away by car from your Viera Cool Springs apartment, Gallery 202 is a hub where art and history come alive together.

Check Out Local Art at The Franklin Art Scene Downtown

Source: Franklin Art Scene via Facebook

Historic Clouston Hall is the ordinary Federal-Style house that houses Gallery 202. Clouston Hall has accommodated 3 American presidents during the nearly 200 years it has been standing, and now showcases over 45 artists from near and far.

Artists have contributed original paintings, hand made jewelry, sculptures, wood and petal, pottery, art glass and photography for Gallery 202′s patrons. Among the artists are Barbara Coon, a local artist who layers paint into special pieces that highlight small details, and Diane Davich Craig, whose oil paintings bring nostalgic Tennessee to life.

Gallery 202 incorporates respect for history with the contemporary representations of modern day artists. If you are looking for things to do in Franklin TN, visit Gallery 202 and experience a unique perspective of art.

What are your favorite galleries to visit in Franklin? Let us know today.

Jul 15

Keep Your Brushed Nickel Hardware Clean With These 4 Tips

Brushed nickel is among the most visually appealing hardware material you can find in common use. Unfortunately, it also tends to be a pain to keep clean, with hard water deposits leaving calcified marks you can’t quite scrub away… At least, not with these four tips.

The Brushed Nickel Light Fixtures in Our Apartments Give Each Home a Clean Feel

Source: Viera Cool Springs

  •  If you’d use it on the floor or oven, don’t use it on your brushed nickel hardware. Many cleaners are caustic or acid-based, and they’re more likely to ruin the finish than clean it.
  • Try a clean rag, a simple dish soap, and water to start with. This should be enough to remove fingerprints and other smudge marks, a sort of grunge that brushed nickel is known for. Try to avoid hand-soaps, however. These might have grit or leave additives on the nickel.
  •  Don’t forget to clean the pop-up drain! These tend to have water deposits. Remember to use softer cleaners here as well.
  •  Use soft cloth rags, not scratch-pad sponges, as these can ruin the finish just like harsh cleaners.

Find more on this at How To Clean A Brushed Nickel Faucet, then polish up your own faucets at Viera Cool Springs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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